You don’t need more traffic to get more leads or sell more. As well, you don’t have to pay extra on your ads to increase your conversion rate. Whereas, all you need is conversions.

😌 Most Likely, You Will Spend Less on your Ads Too

Dear Business Partner,

It must not be so hard to get traffic to your web page.

With many platforms offering a range of services to buy traffic, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Nowadays, social media marketing and Google Ads have an amazing range of traffic ad objectives.

You can pick and choose how much traffic you want.

To tell you the truth, you can even set up the number of traffic that you want to buy through a simple calculation.

Well, now we agree that traffic acquisition is not rocket science.

So, let’s head to the main point…

The main goal is to increase the percentage of conversions, in other words; website visitors that have a high conversion rate.

That’s what your marketing strategy should revolve around.

Most probably you have been told multiple times by many conversion rate optimization agencies about their supreme high converting ads. 

About their extremely profitable strategies or their superheroes team, that has very special powers to make your traffic profitable.

That’s extremely marvelous, music to my ears.

If only that could happen!

Instead, you will get never-ending lies, high-cost ads, pathetic conversion rates, and money-murdering fees.

You are almost fed up with those scumbags.


CRO Agency


Our primary goal at Lion Brains is to grow your business. Actually not! Let’s rephrase it “We aim to put your business on Steroids” that’s common, isn’t it? Okay, in specific we focus on:

CRO Funnels

CRO Strategies

CRO Consistency

Because you need to continue on the right track this time.

We are going to walk you through a process that can let you sell any service or product on planet earth.

First, you need to ask yourself, why would people buy from me?

Remember, without a strong “Why” people don’t buy.

Here we’re gonna reveal for you the five reasons why people buy.

Bear in mind that the key here is to blend the multiple reasons “why people buy”, not just one.

Then you can link up these reasons to your promotions, your ads copy, your social media stories, your call-to-action, to anything.

Once you understand the WHYs, you can link stuff to it, and your competitors don’t.

Perfect, so reason number one is…

money-mouth-face_lion brains

Reason One: Make Money


This is one of the most powerful reasons for people to buy. Force yourself to come up with answers to how people can make money after getting your product or service. Attach the answers to your ad, landing page, or email marketing, and get a raging river full of prospects.

Yeah, this will generate a flood of leads and sales, then hit your competitors like superman’s punch.

Even if your business is not a well-known brand, people will still consider buying from you.

They are making money after getting your product or service for god’s sake; only lunatics will refuse that!

This will take some time until you reach out to the right answers: How they are going to make money with your product or service.

Write as many answers as you can, and fill out your Google Docs with the answers (be realistic though).

Narrow your answers to the most powerful 10, and show them to your business partner, colleagues, friends, wife, brother, sister, spouse…etc.

Mailchimp: Marketing, Automation & Email Platform

Ask them if they are interested and convinced enough to buy that product or service.

Reformulate your copy till you get the perfect answers, you will look at this as if it’s a Chinese puzzle.

Afterward, with a lot of practice, it will become a habit.

Now you have covered the first reason why would people buy from you.

Let’s head to reason number two…

bank_lion brains

Reason Two: Save Money


I mean there are 2.4 billion results on Google if you look up the phrase “saving money”, most people think it’s essential. To be frank, it’s somehow a problem for others. People would love to see how your product or service can help them save money. Give them the solution in what you provide.

This is somehow tricky, don’t fall into the trap of making it about saving money every time.

Almost 90% of marketing campaigns are about saving money with discounted products or services.

However, here you are combining it with other reasons.

Sometimes this can be through selling a solid product or service.

Something that will not cost them a penny for maintaining or keeping after a year.

This is where your guarantee comes out, which could be for a week, a month, or long-term.

Rothy's: Washable Shoes

What is that powerful guarantee that you can give to your customers, and they would save money with it?

That would eliminate the pain of buying, and convert it into a joy of saving more money after. 

Specially after you tied up the answers of reason number one with it.

Take note of 10 answers on how your product or service can save them money, and make sure to cover any doubts.

Now you have combined two reasons for the buyer to do action.

Hold tight…

Because we are giving them more reasons to not skip your ads, or else they will feel guilty.

Moving to reason number three…

hourglass-lion brains

Reason Three: Save Time


They can do a lot of stuff if they get your product or service. When someone is spending too much time at the office, unable to see his family and little Oliver starts to call the FedEx guy “Daddy”, that would suck. Your product or service should be the key to their “No Time To” life.

Your item or service must be saving them more time to do something they enjoy most.

Or get them some more time to focus on other business activities.

Finding time can be painful sometimes.

People would feel like they are locked in a cage, tied with heavy ropes, and end up doing nothing.

Feeling their dreams crushed into a fine powder that scatters in the wind.

That’s when your product or service comes to show.

That’s where your conversion is optimized mostly.

Because you have that precious answer to all of their misery.

They can now spend more time with family, have a cocktail over the beach, or book their vacation to one of the most astonishing islands in far east.

17Hats: Business Management Software

Don’t exaggerate though.

Just come up with realistic answers to how your product or service can save their time efficiently.

They count on you with those answers, and they can sue you for what you are claiming if it’s not true.

So please be careful with that.

Now with the money multiplying fourth reason.

relieved-face_lion brains

Reason Four: Avoid Effort


When people are trying to do something with so much effort or tried doing it so many times with no luck, they start looking for replacements. Or maybe they tried so many specific products, but they failed them. Then they start looking for replacements too. That’s when your product or service shows as their first option.

People tend to buy to make their lives easier, feel satisfied, or fill out a need.

The good thing is if you got something that they would enjoy effortlessly, they will get all of these.

Hang on for a moment, you are in the business game, you know that if you buy something, you invest in it, not put some effort into it.

So if you buy a service for your business with a marketing agency, for example, you expect not to put any effort and that your life and business would be smooth.

You are satisfied with the sales you made out of that service, and you’re sure these sales will make you more money that fills out your needs.

Canva: Graphic Design Platform

Buyers will have to drop that painful effort after getting your product or service.

Reach out to that one thing that is making it so hard for them, demonstrate how you got the solution and you will get leads and sales like there’s no tomorrow. 

Now onto the fifth and final reason why people buy.

face-with-head-bandage_lion brains

Reason Five: Escape Pain


You are not a business owner, you are a doctor. You reveal where and what’s people’s pain and give them the solution. Your product or service must be solving someone’s mental or physical pain or both.

Skepticism is high, and you are not the one and only product or service out there.

There will always be hundreds or thousands of competitors.

Touch the right pain, solve it unlike others and I guarantee you a mesmerizing growth in your conversion rate.

Where is their pain?

What they are frustrated with?

You will find surprising answers while you’re doing your research. Most of these answers are in the complaints on your social pages and competitors.

Remember, people are avoiding pain, they are seeking pleasure.

So you should give them joy and let them enjoy what they buy from you.

Demonstrate to them how your product or service can eliminate their pain too.


Now after you got the secret five reasons “Why people buy”, you can include your squeezed answers in ad copy bullets, landing page bullets, website bullets, emails, or anything.

If people believe that you are going to solve their problem and get their desires of making money, saving money, saving time, avoiding effort, and escaping that pain they have, then they can’t refuse to buy.

That’s the mental checklist that people run for seconds, minutes, or days before buying.

Shockingly, most digital marketing agencies don’t run on this process through their CRO services.

They would rather discuss a CRO strategy that would increase your traffic; so you would capture more leads and sales with the same conversion rate, or slightly better one, and end up paying more on your ads.

Warning: We reserve the right to Modify These Terms or revoke this offer at Any Time


That’s Risk-Free, isn’t it!

But hang on for a moment…

This is not for the public.

There are two main factors that must be there to take this ahead and get this opportunity:

You should already have recent active running ads, and they must be running with a return on (profitably). This deal is not for start-ups or businesses that are not advertising online. (Would like us to create you leads or sales funnel from scratch with profitable ads – check out our free digital strategy session)

You should commit to letting us create ads that we believe will sell. Since we are doing this all on our own pocket…Honestly, we don’t have any intention to hear what you, your business partner, your family, or your friends think about our work. Aside from checking the ads for your legal and authenticity approval – we’ll hold all creative control. Or else, if an ad isn’t ours, we can’t guarantee its success.

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money-with-wings_lion brains


That’s true! You owe us nothing if we fail to beat your best campaign (pretty unlikely). 

In fact, you will pay us…

Though, if we beat your best campaign (pretty likely), you will end up with making more money, and you will pay us from that additional sales.

Why we are making this outrageous offer?

We do enjoy challenges and we like to create unbeatable offers.

This is what the world of business is all about, we think of offers as a trade. If there is no benefit for you, there would be no benefit for us.

This is what will power-up conversion rates!

So, what’s next?

Book your 30-minute strategy session with us to see if we can work together.


In a few words, Conversion Rate Optimization is the process of optimizing the website or landing page to increase the number of conversions (leads or buyers) out of visitors (traffic).

This is how it works. When you publish your website or landing page online people will come to visit it, from your social media pages, your ads, or they might search for you on search engines like Google. Mainly most businesses have a goal on their website or landing page; that could be filling a form, making a direct call, or buying items in E-Commerce case.

Noting that not all your website or landing page visitors are buyers. Conversions will always be a percentage of these visitors, and that is the (Conversion Rate): if you have 20 conversions out of 1000 visitors, that is a 0.02% conversion rate.

So the process of getting a better conversion rate is called Conversion Rate Optimization. You keep improving your conversion rate until you reach your target. This requires many actions of copywriting, in-depth analysis, design, user experience, funnels, and more.

This is a money-multiplying business strategy that can boost your ROI and business to the extreme.

If you are not having enough leads or sales from your landing page or website, or if you have high traffic with low conversions. Then you absolutely need Conversion Rate Optimization.

Over 2% is considered a good conversion rate, good not fantastic though.

Some great conversion rates can reach up to 25%-30%, and some of the lowest can be below 0.15%. Generally, any conversion rate above 3% is believed to be great. It means out of 1000 visitors you get 30 leads or buyers.

That’s based on many elements, but it usually starts from $2,000+. Similar to all digital marketing services that may vary, and based on many considerations. Like how many landing pages are needed to analyze, and test, or how many website pages we will optimize.

If you have an active campaign already, we seek to get you a 30% increase on conversion rate. If you want to run a new campaign from scratch, we aim for 3% conversion rate (that is based on your business industry). Check out our hero guarantee for more details.