Facebook and Instagram have a combined daily active user base of over 3.4 billion people. That is a huge potential customer base that businesses cannot afford to ignore. This actually makes it the ultimate lead generation tool. So let’s get down to business.

Dear Business Partner,

Here is a new way to use Facebook and Instagram ads to scale your business, and get more leads that convert.

These text lines are a GAME-CHANGER when it comes to getting the best ROAS out of these social media channels.

Will tell you why…

Everything here comes from direct experience; not a theory or assumptions.

These methods are all based on hands-on, in the trenches, in the details, and in every psychological aspect of social media platforms’ users.

And it will not only change the way you invest your money in paid social ads forever.

But it will also let you choose properly the right paid social media agency for your business.

So before heading to the main points.

We should say that…

Facebook Ads Agency


That would only be if utilized wisely. Some businesses find it an outdated platform, they don’t use it anymore in their marketing strategy, they would rather prefer other new platforms.

While providers of social media advertising services are not even mentioning it to their clients anymore. Well, this is because they couldn’t find the real treasure of Facebook ads yet. That’s why at Lion Brains we grow your business by focusing on:

Facebook Ads Leads Generation Strategy

Facebook Ads Management & Optimization

Facebook Ads Relevance Score

magnet_lion brains


The world is full of paid social media advertising services.

Obviously, they promise you traffic and leads. And when you come to the step of converting your leads into sales…

You get shocked by the number of conversions.

That simply happens when your ads are not delivering the right message, or targeting the right audience.

That’s why you need to make your ads more specific to your audience, with the use of landing pages, and content.

While some Facebook advertising agencies will ask you to increase your budget spending.

That is not the right thing to say, because with conversion rate optimization there would be no extra spending.

Plus, you will realize that…

melting-face_lion brains


Because you can’t fool the algorithm, these platforms intricate it so well.

In such a case, they will take your CPL and CPA through the ceiling.

And you can forget about your ROAS.

Ends up with setting your bank account on fire.

Then you give up on ad spending and pause your campaigns that are costing you an arm and a leg.

Or you try again with more spending than what it was before that remorseful move.

But it’s too late because again you can’t fool around with the algorithm.

It’s a vicious loop that will turn your dreams of expanding your business into nightmares.

Don’t let that pull you down.

We’ve got some exciting news for you…

We are going to walk you through simple ways to get more leads and sales.

And eventually, touch your growth business goals.

man-mage_lion brains


Back in 2015, an average Facebook user sees 36 ads a day.

You can do the math of how many ads these users see a day now, adding Instagram to the record.

It’s hardly surprising that skepticism is high and increasing awfully.

Just imagine how many spam ads these users have to see each day, just for checking their social media profiles, or spending some spare time.

Because by the end of the day, not all businesses that do ads on social media are legit.

That’s a pain in the wazoo, isn’t it!

And that painful moment happens when they try one of these products or services in one of these spam ads and…

End up with a wrecked experience.

So, when we say skepticism, it means that…

superhero_lion brains


You are not a Superhero, you cannot sell people what you have on ads.


Even superheroes can’t do that! I wonder if they can!

Selling on the ad itself means you are raising skepticism so high.

Simply, you are telling people; come buy from me here is my thing.

I mean it’s like asking a random stranger to marry you. Who would do that for God’s sake?

Then you wonder why your money is burning day after day with zero or low ROI.

It’s so; because you are just another ad that is asking people to buy, while they are laying down in the evening after a long day at work scrolling over their feeds’ updates.

Or you are telling people to buy this product or service you have in the early morning, while they are having their caffeine boost cup of coffee.

Even the best timing for your ad won’t make them change their mind and buy.

They are exposed to hundreds of ads like yours day by day, nothing special.

Well, the trick to defeating skepticism is that…

You need to make your ad looks like News.

That’s right.

People are fed up with ads, they can detect ads in a blink of an eye, and they are not reading anymore. 

And then, they swipe up leaving your ad in the forgotten memories.

The crazy thing is that people are always thirsty for News, they need to know something fresh.

No, it’s not old-school and it’s not something that grandpa would be interested in.

Actually, Facebook was first created for people to check over the activities of their friends.

That’s News, isn’t it!

We are not talking about that boring news channel headlines.

That’s why when you create this type of ads you need to take note that… 

open-book_lion brains


Will tell you what…

When you write your ad text, you write something so charming that you wanna take a selfie with.

Listen, don’t write your ad copy for the sake of publishing your campaign.

Because if you write something half-assed, you will get half-assed results.

And you end up throwing your ad in the river of lame ads.

To add more, Facebook algorithm takes headlines very seriously, even if you have the best image or video.

Tell them what they need to know about your product or service. One sentence in a line for easy absorbing the details.

What makes you different than others? Highlight that for them.

Let them stop at your copy’s first line and hold on swiping their feeds.

But hold on…

This won’t work on Instagram. The platform is not that friendly with ad copies, and their captions make you feel like crossed eyes.

That’s why we have put together what we actually do for businesses with Instagram ads in this free report that includes…



This latest FREE Report reveals the most effective new techniques to increase traffic, leads, and sales, plus thousands of visits every day with Instagram.

🔒 100% safe. no spam, no jokes.


It is if it’s done correctly. The good news is, we have been through this for quite a long time now, we are pretty confident that most businesses make real growth out of it and we helped them reach their goals.

It can be a very powerful tool for lead generation and sales, only if it’s done right.

You are dealing with what’s called cold traffic source; unlike Google paid search ads, you are reaching millions of people who might never heard about your business name.

But thanks to Facebook Pixel advanced algorithm, which allows you to read your customers’ insights and reach your audience efficiently. Which can drive your growth remarkably using smart direct response copy with attention-grabbing headlines, optimized landing pages, eye-filling creatives, and merciless optimization.

Actually, we need to check for that.

You might end up doing both or none though, it all depends on your business type, the market you are operating in, and which platform your crowd prefers plus many other facts.

One common mistake is that some businesses choose one platform rather than the other just for the sake of preferring one over the other. At Lion Brains we don’t work things like this, our strategy is to pick which platform makes you the best return on, and that is after overlooking your business revenue streams and many other factors.

You can still check which is more suitable for your business and book your Free 30-minute Digital Strategy Session.

Well, it depends. If you already performed a recent effective and efficient traffic campaign with a healthy conversion rate, we may not have to make any changes.

Then again, if it’s believed that we can need to improve your website performance with some recommendations and tweaks to improve your site speed and content, then you’d be happy to let us do that for you, wouldn’t you?

As for Lead Generation campaigns, we set up sales funnels and email marketing based on landing pages, and that will not apply any changes to your website. But still, we will apply recommendations to enhance your website performance, if we have to.

Facebook ads charge is based on two measures, and they are Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and Cost Per 1,000 Impression (CPM), where in its auction system you compete over impressions only based on bid and performance.

In short, if your ad is getting a high Click-Through-Rate (CTR) it means that you achieved high relevance score and reduced cost. In other words, you are getting a good number of clicks out of these impressions. Okay to set this right:

Let’s say you have 1,000 impressions on your ad for $30, and these impressions got you 10 Clicks on the ad. This will get you a Click Through Rate of 1% and a Cost Per Click of $3

CTR: (10 Clicks/1,000 Impressions) x 100% = 1% CTR

CPC: ($30 spent/ 10 Clicks)=$3 CPC

So if our landing page has a conversion rate of 10% (very likely), it means you will get 1 lead out of 10 clicks and so your cost per lead CPL is $30 ($30 spent, 10 Clicks, 10% Conversion Rate = $30 CPL)

Getting low impressions and many clicks simply means you’re on the right path with low cost and high performance and vice versa.

They both work for most business types, if done properly. We have worked with many businesses from different niches on that. Still, sometimes Instagram ads work perfectly with high returns for some business types over others.

Many components are involved in making a worthy good Facebook ad, they are:

Direct Response Copywriting Writing direct sales copy to trigger a response from the reader.

Campaign Structure Building funnels strategically to match sales or leads goals.

Brainwaving-Creatives attention-grabbing creatives that pause the scrolling on desktop and swiping on mobile.

Focused Target Audience The skill to detect potent markets with powerful performance.

Offering To provide readers an irresistible value leaving them with no choice but to click for more details.

Click-Through-Rate The number of clicks your ad receives out of impressions delivered.

Relevance Score The name speaks for itself. The number of positive and negative feedback over your ad.

Conversion Rate The percentage of conversions out that traffic your campaign is getting you.

Those are the main ones, but still, there are a lot more.