They offer 90 days or less SEO. We say, no scam promises (pointing fingers at SEO Companies). Yes it takes that long to rank on Google, but not less and it all depends on many factors. We are being realistic here, and we are offering guaranteed SEO to rank number one on Google, for the best moneymaking search terms or we don’t get paid!

Dear Business Partner,

It doesn’t matter if you are offering some fancy stuff or unmatched services.

If your website is not exceptionally visible on Google, you even give up or go home.

Period. End of story.

Yes, that’s how much search engine optimization adds to your business.

Will go a bit further and tell you – your business will fail.

Maybe not tomorrow, or the next 6 months.

And if it doesn’t fail, you will hit a concrete wall that you won’t cross beyond.

Eventually, you will plumb the depths of despair at the absence of growth.

Not to mention that lifeless job you created for yourself, but can’t quit.

After witnessing many websites, businesses that never made it to the top 5 results on Google collapsed.

Now, If you think SEO is…

An expense rather than an investment.

An overnight process and business transformation.

PLEASE exit this page immediately.

Seriously, because SEO is a long-term process and investment.

Plus, it’s the#1 high conversion source of traffic.

Exactly. The reward is so high, but patience must be so high too.

Whether you have an average website, offering a product or a service that 10+ companies below you in Google offer better than it!

Never mind, people want you instead because you are on top of the results page.

Got a nice product that people love? Well, you better go and get yourself a banknote counter, because your business is about to turn into an uncontrollable money-generating beast.

But hang on, sometimes you need to go in a different route.

Well, when people Google something, it’s either they would like to find it quickly, or to find something they trust.

If you believe you provide a product or service that people would need to get as soon as possible.

Appearing for them in Google ads on top of the page results is your premium choice.

Simply, for the rush, they would be happy with the ads, and for the quality, they would opt for organic top search results.

Speaking of which, in fact, you should consider paid search ads as your first marketing channel before doing SEO.

If your business can’t get a positive return on out of it. Then your website and offering are too poor to continue.

It’s a red lamp signal that the market will crush you into fine powder in organic selection.

I feel you. You’re like…

What the heck do i need to do now?

Stay calm, because the truth is.

guaranteed seo


Most SEO agencies will promise you PageRank, not revenue.

Well, getting a top rank on Google is great.

It looks good, specially when your competitors are below, and you’re getting high organic traffic.

But if that traffic has no conversion rates, then what’s the point.

Specifically, if that agency used their PBNs “Private Blog Networks”.

That is what we like to call, fake ranking.

They use their private blog networks to generate backlinks to your website.

Pure violation of Google guidelines.

How odd is that, they are just worrying about placing you on top, that’s exactly the vulnerable ranking.

Real organic SEO services wouldn’t do that.

Because by the end of the day what matters is, How much revenue is your ranking generating.

Actually genuine international SEO agency, local or B2B agency should notify you how much money their SEO plan will get you after reaching #1 on Google ranking for all potential keywords.

And of course, a solid ranking that doesn’t drop while you’re sleeping at night, and wakes up to Google penalties on your website.

Because by the end of the day, most agencies are concerned with making quick cash, rather than long-standing business relationships.


Now you must be thinking…

magnifying-glass-lion brains


Well, most scams say that you can get #1 rank on Google in 90 days or less. That’s deceptive because it totally depends on your website’s strength and how powerful your competitors. 

It’s only possible if they’re targeting long-keywords with low search volume if that’s what you’re looking for.

That would work for B2B SEO though, but with many keywords.

As said above SEO is an investment, it requires technical SEO skills, SEO experts, and SEO strategies.

It’s a long-term process, if you are looking for quick revenue-generating you can go with search engine marketing and social ads.

We know that time is a major factor for your business, but you need to reach one point.

How much wealth do you get after applying solid SEO to your website?

Because in SEO what comes fast goes even faster.

So if an organic SEO company gets your website a top rank in less than 90 days, with their PBNs. Then you can kiss SEO goodbye. 

There are many false techniques to rank your website on Google; using keyword stuffing, buying spam traffic, and unfortunately many others.

And that would put your website in a black body bag, tie it, and throw it in a river. Specially after Google penalizes you for these Black Hat techniques.

Because Google’s algorithm can understand what is going around.

What we are saying is…

It takes time to get your website to that top rank on Google.

Put in mind that if you want to get to the top, there must be someone who is pushed down to leave you a way.

Take a deep breath…

Let’s go deep a little bit.

If your website is targeting long-keywords with low search volume it takes around 2 months to rank on top (That’s what most agencies offer). They will try their best to filter their clients to that criteria, so they can stick to their promise of 90 days or less.

While it takes you 2-4 months if you are targeting a local city or town with slightly competitive keywords, and that’s what a local SEO company would do.

Whereas it takes 4-6 months to rank on top with extremely competitive keywords (profitable ones), and that is what a professional SEO agency would do. Whether it’s a B2B SEO agency, local SEO agency, or international SEO agency. 

In the case of targeting a country with low-medium competition keywords, it takes you 6-12 months. Meanwhile, if you choose to target a country with highly competitive keywords it takes you more than a year to achieve that top rank.

So you now realize that each SEO objective has a specific timeframe.

The good thing is, after the hard work of achieving that top rank successfully you will start seeing tangible ROI results.

That’s the fruit of your investment in real SEO not fake visual ranking.

We assume now we can get further.


rocket- lion brains


In reality, SEO is planned around content marketing to generate more leads. Now every website includes content in a form of keywords, articles, and paragraphs. Where SEO gets into the details of this content, in order to get a top rank and convince more prospects to become leads. That’s why we focus on:

Quality Content

Potential Keywords

User Experience and Engagement

Warning: We reserve the right to Modify These Terms or revoke this offer at Any Time


Because we believe that a good guaranteed SEO returns with good ROI.

We guarantee to grow your ROI with high-converting keywords that will get you converting organic traffic with top ranking.

This guaranteed SEO applies to Local SEO Services, International SEO Services, and B2B SEO Services.

But hang on for a moment…

This is not for everybody.

There are four main factors that must be there to take this ahead and get this opportunity:

Your website must be at least more than 1 month old. This deal is not for businesses that have a very fresh website.

You should already have a recent active running paid search ads, and they must be running with a return on (profitably). This deal is not for start-ups or businesses that haven’t performed Google paid search ads – also known as SEM- “search engine marketing”. (Would like us to create you SEO and paid search ads from scratch with profitable ads – get to our free digital strategy session).

You should commit to letting us create SEO Content and link building that we believe will rank and sell. Since we are doing this all on our own pocket…Honestly, we don’t have any intention to hear what you, your business partner, your family, or your friends think about our work. Aside from checking the content and links for your legal and authenticity approval – we’ll hold all content and link-building control. Or else, if any content or link isn’t ours, we can’t guarantee its success.

E-Commerce stores that rely 100% on SEO to grow their sales. Your store must prove other forms of advertising than SEO. This deal is not for stores that don’t perform any type of online advertising.

Websites looking to target keywords with no or few search volumes. Keywords with around 100 or low searches per month are not worth the effort.

Book your FREE 30-Minute Strategy Session now


It’s an agency that offers services to help businesses become more visible organically in search results over a search engine results page, within specific search terms that are called keywords. Increased search engine exposure translates into increased visitors to the website, which turn into leads generation, and sales.

A good Search Engine Optimization Agency would go through several processes before planning your SEO, and after implementing it to your business. Therefore, you should expect the following actions:

  • Get to know your business, audience, competitors, and goals.
  • Do research, site audits, and keywords research for your business.
  • Provide you with a precise and clear SEO Strategy.
  • Share with you the ROI and timeframe of the SEO plan.
  • Do performance monitoring and reporting.


Absolutely YES…

Specially if you have a solid call-to-action on your website. This way you know that you are not wasting that organic traffic that comes from SEO, and you are redirecting your website visitors to the action you need and then tracking the performance.

We can officially say that there are multiple open opportunities for B2B companies, and the results can surprise you. Over 61% of B2B decision-makers start by searching the web before even starting their decision-making process. And will tell you that the chances for B2B companies is even higher in SEO, because:

  • Search results over B2B related keywords are not packed yet

There is a huge chance for your B2B business to capture the #1 rank on Google with potential B2B keywords. Since not all B2B businesses believe in SEO to capture leads yet, your competitive advantage to be ranking on top is so high.

  • SEO can increase your trust

It’s obvious that the number one reason for decision-makers in B2B industry to partner with or consider a company is Trust. In SEO it’s easily done when you are the number one organic result for them; along with supporting that rank with good content, and there you are; a reliable source that they can trust.

  • Long-tail Keywords make the change

Mostly, B2B search terms are long-tail keywords for the reason that they cover more features of the service or product searched for. Yet, long-tail keywords have low search volume, but they convert fast; specially when multiple keywords are used in the B2B SEO strategy and plan.

Well, again SEO is an investment. So you need to bring your calculator and check out what is your ROI before doing SEO, how much growth you are looking for through SEO, and how much time you need to achieve that growth with SEO.

Because SEO cost will depend on many deep factors:

  • Your domain authority
  • How competitive are your moneymaking keywords
  • The number of keywords
  • How large is the market you are targeting or operating in


Due to these many factors, there will always be no set price, a price list, or a rate card for SEO.

It’s your call. If you believe that you are selling a product or service that is very unique, where people can trust, then SEO is your premium growth guarantee.

People who search for something over the web, they even want something quickly and click on search ads, or they are looking for something they can trust and click on top organic search results. Both types are in the buying mode and ready to take action.

If you are still unsure where you stand in these scenarios, you can book your Free 30-minute Digital Strategy Session.

We never count the keywords. We target as many keywords as needed to get you the best organic sales growth, where the number of keywords will depend on your position in niche, your industry, your market, your goals, and your budget.

Some SEO plans would be successful with 10 and maybe fewer keywords, and others with more; so it all depends on the factors mentioned above.

Yes, we do. If you already have your own team and you want to put things on the right track; we can provide you with SEO auditing and consulting services.

We know what the SEO market proposes, and we offer something different. Most agencies talk about the 90 days or less ranking, but they never discuss the growth. Their main target is to get you on top of Google, no matter the way of doing it. While SEO doesn’t work like this.

At Lion Brains we follow the path which Google likes when it comes to SEO. This will guarantee to get you the maximum growth out of exceptional SEO implementation and avoid you from getting penalized. Our SEO service can be broken down into SEO planning, ROI and Timeframe needed, keyword research and competitive advantages, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, progress monitoring, and evidence-based tweaking and reporting.

Please note that, if you seek immediate results with your SEO campaign we are not the right option for you.