You need to play it smart with your online marketing campaigns. A true landing page design agency should give your target audience a unique user experience.

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Dear Business Partner,

Supposedly, you are looking for a better way to generate more leads and sales.

Or you might be looking for a way to reach your potential customers.

Or get more traffic to your website.

Let’s be frank, traffic has never been a problem.

You can go to any advertising platform; Google, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter…etc. and buy your preferred amount of traffic.

It’s a traffic market out there; nothing special, it’s been there for quite a long.

Most businesses don’t have a traffic problem.

Their main problem is conversions.

There are 99,000 searches every single second on Google…

2.89 billion Facebook users, 1 billion monthly active users on Tiktok, and 200 million users on Twitter…

You realize there is a sufficient amount of traffic online, and it’s increasing though.

The point here is, how to get enough leads and sales out of that enormous traffic?

So to speak.

How to encourage traffic to take an action?

In other words, how to increase conversions out of that traffic?

Landing pages are the answer to all this misery.

Because they are customized with tiny little details to your niche audience.

And of course, you can customize multiple landing pages according to your various audiences.

This can get you more leads and sales that your competitors would be begging for mercy.

But still, the question will always be…

Landing Page Optimization


There are many reasons involved. In short, you cannot take all audiences to the same place, and ask them to do one action. No matter how well your website is optimized, or how focused are your online marketing activities, it’s still made to be informative about your business, and your products or services.

Conversely, a good landing page an optimized one will increase your conversions and lead generation, has tailor-made content for specific audiences, and most importantly provides better reading of campaigns analysis and remarketing.

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A landing page can be created in a few minutes, and with hundreds of tools and platforms available, it’s an easy job to do.

So if that is so simple, why would you need a landing page agency? Well, if you can get yourself an optimized landing page with a high conversion rate; then you don’t need any agency. While if your landing page is generating traffic only, then there is a problem with your landing page optimization, and you urgently need an agency.

In reality, landing page optimization is a subtask under Conversion Rate Optimization to reach the conversion goals.

That’s why at Lion Brains we consider many functions when we create and optimize your landing page, such as:

A/B Testing

Bounce Rate

Page Load Time

CTA Buttons Placement


promo macbook landing page
Image courtesy of Promo. (click on image to see the landing page)

Yeah, Once landing pages are made right and optimized they are your sales machines (AKA Salespersons) that never stop. They work day and night, have no break time, no food time, no sleeping time they don’t even take holidays. Set up the right ones and enjoy watching how they suck in leads and sales like a vacuum on steroids.

Warning: We reserve the right to Modify These Terms or revoke this offer at Any Time


Interested to move forward with this offer? Ready to put us on a challenge?

But hang on for a moment…

This is not for the public.

There are two main factors that must be there to take this ahead and get this opportunity:

You should already have recent active running ads, and they must be running with a return on (profitably). This deal is not for start-ups or businesses that are not advertising online. (Would like us to create you leads or sales funnel from scratch with profitable ads – check out our free digital strategy session)

You should commit to letting us create ads that we believe will sell. Since we are doing this all on our own pocket…Honestly, we don’t have any intention to hear what you, your business partner, your family, or your friends think about our work. Aside from checking the ads for your legal and authenticity approval – we’ll hold all creative control. Or else, if an ad isn’t ours, we can’t guarantee its success.

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That’s true! You owe us nothing if we fail to beat your best landing page (pretty unlikely). 

In fact, you will pay us…

Though, if we beat your best landing page (pretty likely), you will end up with making more money, and you will pay us from that additional sales.

Why we are making this outrageous offer?

We do enjoy challenges and we like to create unbeatable offers.

This is what the world of business is all about, we think of offers as a trade. If there is no benefit for you, there would be no benefit for us.

This is what will power-up conversion rates!

So, what’s next?

Book your 30-minute strategy session with us to see if we can work together.


This question is almost all over the web. Shortly, It all comes down to focused conversions – whether the goal is to get leads and sales or any other action you want visitors to do.

A landing page is a standalone page that draws the user’s attention to one specific action, which could be subscribing to your newsletter, submitting a form, or buying your product. It eliminates any distractions and helps the user focus on one thing, and that thing is your goal.

On the other hand, your website homepage is where visitors can get an introduction to a company’s products or services. It is also used to encourage them to explore other sections of the site and navigate, and switch between pages.

You might say, yes; I want my visitors to navigate and see what products or services I got, read more about my company, and so I can track that and know their interests. The fact is, the more you narrow the actions for people who click on your ad; the more results you get. Visitors don’t want to move from one page to another, they clicked on your ad for one reason, and that reason is clear in your ad, supposedly if you’re doing it right.

The truth is, that you have to create a landing page for your services. People are bulked with many types of ads, clever marketers, and distractions. As well as, similar services to yours.

You need to stand out and offer your prospects something that they can’t refuse, that they would be happy to give you their contact information; and that can only happen through your landing page.

Actually, your landing page might become very popular with your outstanding offer, and they would share it with their friends, colleagues, or business partners.

For sure, your prospects need to know more about your products.

Think about it this way, someone who clicked on your ad was interested enough to do that click, and here is where you need to show more details about your product through your landing page and drive that interest to a purchase action, VoilĂ  that’s a conversion.

The answer is Yes, you need to create a landing page for each product or service you have, at least for each product category if you are an e-commerce site.

If you do so, your landing pages will be:

  • More focused
  • Laser targeted
  • More informative
  • Easily trackable
  • and most importantly you have control over your ads budget.

We create landing pages that convert; because we do create them with a lot of experience and research.

Simply, designing a landing page can be done by almost anyone; and it could bring up high traffic, but will it make any conversions? Will it bring any new customers? Or mainly, What’s this landing page conversion rate? That’s why at Lion Brains we focus on turning viewers into buyers. We explore what people want to see, and what they need, then deliver it to them smoothly.