Your business will approach prospects on top-ranked Google search results with conversion-focused keywords. We’ll tell you what, you don’t need any traffic to your website; all you need is traffic that converts.

Dear Business Partner,

You are about to walk through an extremely profitable map that will lead you to the treasure of online marketing.

But first, please make sure not to confuse tight demographic targeting with high commercial consumer intent to buy.

This means if you are having social ads with a very narrow target audience; this doesn’t necessarily mean that your very narrow audience is in the ready-to-buy phase.

It’s not because you can show your ads to a specific type of people, means they are in the ready-to-buy phase.

Don’t get it wrong, social media platforms are great marketing channels, but they are not your first layer of marketing activities.

Thinking like this would be like pulling your customers from the problem awareness to the buying decision.

That’s an arrogant illusion, even if you have the best product or service in the world.

Because you will end up with screaming pockets, and a bank account begging for mercy.

Yes, we are talking about huge ad spends with less return on.

The process of marketing while matching consumer intent in every step, is the smartest way to reach your highest return.

What we are trying to say is…

Your marketing should always start with Pay per Click advertising.

Simply because this is where the real money is.

Yes, we said PPC advertising and not SEM.

Don’t get baffled.

You are probably thinking…

SEM Agency


It might sound confusing, right?

You run your search over Google looking for the best agency for your business.

And you find out results like “Google ads management services”, and “ECommerce PPC Agency”.

Or even worse, you get results like “PPC Search Marketing Agency”.

Well, let’s cut the crap.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the umbrella term that includes achieving the maximum results for a business by paid and organic search results.

While Pay-per-Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) fall as subsets under SEM.

In particular, with PPC you create a Google ads account and bid on specific search terms to get your ad on top paid search results, so you pay the bid price once a prospect clicks on your ad. 

PPC can drive quick results to your conversion-goals, specially when ads content and keywords are narrowed to a specific audience; along with the use of landing pages.

Since you appear to people who are actually in the buying mode, specifically looking for quick results to make their purchase.

At some point, these search terms you’re bidding on will get more expensive due to the competition.

You made a lot of money out of it, but you cannot afford to bid more.

This is where SEO comes into play.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is where you get your website on top of organic search results, and it requires multiple actions of website optimization, profitable keywords hunting, developing quality content, and link building.

The reward of SEO can be amazingly profitable, only if it’s done right.

While it’s a long-term investment.

To recap…

An SEM Agency or any Digital Marketing Agency offering SEM as a service, should not only provide you with PPC management and eCommerce PPC campaigns.

A true SEM Agency should get you the maximum conversion-focused results out of Google search engine by blending both paid and organic strategies.

So you know now what to expect for your business to grow.

But, what comes first in the SEM process? PPC or SEO?

We can surely say…

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At some point in your SEM process, you need to start with even PPC or SEO

You cannot start doing both at the same time, for many reasons.

Mainly, SEO can take a few months to perform well, and get you that huge return on investment.

While PPC will get you immediate results if created right.

So, starting with SEO is a bit of a gamble.

And shockingly, failure in PPC ads is a clear indicator that your firm will be smashed by organic selection once you perform SEO.

That is the way it is.

And many SEM agencies wouldn’t say that to you, because simply they are looking for cash.

They wouldn’t even offer you SEO in their SEM service.

All they do is sell you paid search ads under the name SEM services.

Then they end up getting you traffic to your website, with no conversion.

How cruel is that!

So, we can say it loudly…

loudspeaker_lion brains


No, we are not being arrogant, this is how Search Engine Marketing must be done. Whether you are an eCommerce business that’s looking for more sales in your eCommerce store, or a service provider who’s looking to generate leads and more clients, this will apply to you. Because at Lion Brains they are all connected to the success of each other in one way or another, that’s why our SEM service will consider:

Profitable Keywords Research

PPC Strategies, Advertising & Management

SEO Strategies, Implementation & ROI

Warning: We reserve the right to Modify These Terms or revoke this offer at Any Time

WE GUARANTEE TO knockout your best campaign or you don't pay us a single penny!

That’s right!

We guarantee to knockout your best performing Google ads paid search campaign with a growth in your ROI.

That’s so cool, isn’t it!

Because if we fail to beat your best campaign (highly unlikely) we will keep trying until we do, and you owe us nothing.

Though, if we beat your best campaign (pretty likely), you will end up with making more money, and you will pay us from that additional sales.

Sounds like a good deal to you?

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The truth is, we need to check for that. We don’t aim to collect clients! Our first main goal is to run paid search ads at a profitable level and crush your competition. Then if that was successful for your business, we will move on to SEO organic search strategies and implementation.

You might have tried Google Paid Search Ads yourself or through unskilled PPC service agencies, with unpleasant results. Well, this might not be the final outcome, we know that you wasted your money on that; but the good news is, Google Ads can compensate you if it’s done right again.

It can grow your sales and leads so fast, where it all depends on the search volume, difficulty, competition, and bid price on your business-related keywords. Book your Free 30-minute Digital Strategy session to check if our SEM service is a good fit for your business.

Don’t let that get you down, we don’t leave anything to luck. We combine PPC campaigns with powerful landing pages or funnels to get every potential drop of profit out of that campaign with a good conversion rate. And so, if it was successful we will start performing our SEO plan for your business to grow more.

The short answer is YES. PPC advertising through Google is the quickest marketing channel for getting new leads and more sales on the web. Your ad appears to prospects who are searching for a specific term related to your product or service, and you can target these prospects who are ready to buy.

To put that short, your paid ads appear to people who are looking for a solution to their problems. They are not just spending some spare time, they are having a real problem or need, and that’s when you appear to them with your ad shining with the perfect solution on top of the paid search results.

Once that is achieved, you will then appear to them in organic search results with SEO. Which will add more trust to your product and service, leaving your competitors behind in that dark little corner of the last search results or second and third search engine results page (SERP).

At Lion Brains, our main approach is to scale and grow your return on in Google search engine, by all means, to convert traffic into actual money.

Not really. That is a total fallacy.

You need to think of them as two different pools of traffic and you need to deal with them and consider them individually, under the umbrella of SEM. That’s the way it is, that’s how the giant Google treats them, “separate”.

Put in mind that people who click on PPC ads are not the same as those who click on organic top-rank websites. Assuming that your target audience is at an age that they can differentiate between top search ads and organic results.

People would click on top ads for a crucial solution to their problem or an urgent need for something that could be a product or service. While people who hit the organic results are looking for trustworthy places to get their product or service.

It sure does, in a positive way. That’s why it’s the first layer of marketing, and you should consider it for your business before starting to do SEO. That’s the right SEM process for any business seeking to grow.

PPC ads will enable identifying the most valuable keywords that drive sales and growth for your business, then you can modify your SEO execution based on them. Google Keyword Planner and SEMRush are great tools, but they wouldn’t replace and view the real action of your valuable keywords.

As well, prospects who are searching for a solution will find you twice, in top ads search results and top organic after SEO is done perfectly. That will give them more confidence to click regardless of your competitors.

Plus, if you got on top of search results organically, but don’t appear in Google Paid Search Ads, you will lose a portion of traffic that you will never get access to, and conversely.

Nope. Unfortunately, if your business didn’t make it in Google paid search campaigns with good conversion rates, then there is no point to continue with the long process of SEO.

We will inform you with analysis and reports about the outcome of your Google paid search ads, and show you the possibility of your success if you start your SEO plan.

However, your marketing strategy might take another direction to other channels, which can be very profitable to your business; such as social media ads.

Simply, because we guarantee results and we don’t fool around.

At Lion Brains, we guarantee to knockout your existing Google ads paid search campaign and enhance results by a minimum of 30%, or you owe us nothing. 

If all goes well with your paid search campaign, we will start implementing SEO on your website. That’s the full SEM service we deliver to our clients.

Check out our hero guarantee above.